Paradox Motion Detector Accessories

Long Range Lens 2

Code: PA1220


All motion detectors come equipped with a 2nd generation LODIFF® lens by Fresnel Technologies Inc. Distances shown may vary according to the selected motion detector; please verify the motion detector’s specifications.

Pet Array Lens

Code: PA1222


  • Patented Animal Immunity up to 40kg
  • 11m X 11m; 90° viewing angle
  • Lens for Outdoor High-Security Digital Motion Detector [PA1080]

Horizontal Curtain Beam

Code: PA1224


  • Allows large-breed dogs and ultiple pets to roam freely below the 1.1m detection level
  • 11m X 11m; 85° viewing angle

Vertical Curtain Beam

Code: PA1226


  • Protects corridors or vertical surfaces such as walls or balcony doors
  • 13m x 2 beams; 5.64° viewing angle

Swivel Mount Bracket

Code: PA1265


  • 3 in 1: ceiling, wall or corner mount bracket
  • Ensures optimal coverage

Heavy Duty Outdoor Swivel Bracket

Code: PA1268


  • For use with the PMD85 and the DG85 outdoor digital PIRs
  • Innovative T-joint allows for movement along 2 axes for better maneuverability and better detector positioning
  • 3 in 1: ceiling, wall or corner mount bracket
  • Cap lock prevents unauthorized repositioning of detector




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